Help With Alts
An alt is an authorized secondary soul. This differs from a multi, in that an alt must be earned, whereas a multi is created without earning the privilege, and will result in punishment for the player. Alts exist as a special reward to those who support the game, but with one extra limitation - the player must be at least four months old. This is partially because a player should focus on one soul while getting started, and also to help control the rate of new souls for maximum benefit to the community.

When you become eligible for an alt, you must access the Lifetime Contributions page and click the "create an alt" link. Your alt may be accessed by signing into your main soul and clicking the SU (Switch User) link to the left of the logout link. This will instantly bring you to your alts portfolio. To return to your main soul, simply click the link again. If you would like to log directly into your alternate soul, simply sign in with your main's email address, but append -alt to the end. In other words, Use the password that you selected when you activated the alt. To recover the alt's password, do the same thing on the recover password page.

The game will prevent you from buying your alt with your main soul, or your main soul with your alt.