Explanation of Pages

The soul portfolio displays all of the souls you have purchased. Here, you will be able to see at what value the soul was purchased along with the current untriggered value.

Check messages from other players, system messages, and maxflips.

Soul Page
The soul will provide information about a soul that should help potential buyers. It will show the soul's triggered value, date the soul originally signed up, and the last day the soul was spotted online. The soul chart is also available on this page, showing the soul's value over the last 7 days. Purchasing a donator pack will allow up to 30 days to be displayed.

Soul Standings
On this page you will find the Basic Rank, and Advanced Rank. Basic rank shows top 20 by value and assets in each level. Advanced Rank shows top 5 in categories such as Most Active Traders, Most Traded Souls, Lifetime Donations, along with a few real-time statistics about game usage.

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View Souls
Comb through this page to find souls to buy, see how your peers are doing, and check untriggered value.

The Yapper
These are the SoulXchange discussion forums. Make sure you make yourself known here so that people will think of you when looking to fill their portfolio.